Tuesday, 19 December 2017

FLQ - War Measures 12"

I can't keep straight how long we've been together. I could try, but we took half a year off to find new members, half a year off  struggling to put out our records, or breaking it off for awhile because we weren't writing new songs. Many of our favourite people decided to keep us afloat by playing a few shows with us. Thanks for the encouragement and  being the best drummers in the city. Along the way we've toured a decent amount to make this band feel real. We've now put out two releases, but this one is a statement. We truly exist. We put out something most bands don't get around to doing. You can download this for free at bandcamp, though i hope you could give us something. Only buy Beer for a week. suck water out of the tap in a restroom for a bit. If that still doesn't meet your budget cut out beer entirely. It's worth it. You can get a copy of this Record via flqdestroy@gmail.com or our BigCartel.

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