Monday, 19 October 2015

FLQ self titled 7" out now

School Jerks is over. Forever. 3 people from the band went forward with Kremlin, Hassler, and Valley Boys, but decided to get with the sick ass clik and went all out. FLQ. been at this for awhile, but after so much bullshit including Record Store Day, some people being a pain in the ass, some other people being a pain in the ass again or lazy, we've released a 7" on Bad Vibrations Records. you think we sound like The Adolescents? who knows? who cares? listen to the bandcamp. give us some money. Buy the single via emailing We're gonna have a Lp coming out in the next year or so. Mosh for Christ.

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  1. School Jerks for summer
    School Jerks forever
    School Jerks blown to pieces