BAD-05 Concrete Asylum "Social Anxiety" EP (OUT NOW!)

Concrete Asylum is a band from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Their record "Social Anxiety" has five tracks of fast, raw, crude, furious, and unique hardcore PUNK. Their noise is reminiscent of Rudimentary Peni, The Fix, Heresy or Jerrys Kids. But who cares! Just like punk itself, there is more to this unit than a list of old bands we all love. Recorded in 2012 and originally released as the band's second tape to high praises, this session is now mastered and released on vinyl, complete with jaw dropping double-sided 11x17 sleeve by artist and member Adam Kindred.

 BIR-005/BAD-04 Kremlin "s/t" 12 inch (split with Beach Impediment) (2013)

“Drunk in the gulag again!?! This time Kremlin emerge with not only a hangover but the proverbial lightning in a bottle - 10 tracks of insane hardcore punk captured on a four track and released for your listening pleasure on a 45rpm 12inch.  With a variety in song tempo, tone, structure and attention to detail Kremlin have made a real record rather than flog the dead horse of one riff and the same bag of tricks over and over to flex some musical muscle in an attempt to be "punishing" or "brutal" (oh brother!) or hammer home some point of reference. While they owe a debt to the past of classic hardcore punk for their sound this record is truly an addition to the punk cannon and their very own statement to the world. Kremlin re-envision the music of their influences using the old puzzle pieces to make a new picture - UK/European inspired punk riffing with the speed, precision, and sense of rhythm of classic American hardcore. Kremlin's 4th release (and 2nd vinyl offering) steps back from the brink of insanity and the psychedelic frontiers of last years "Will You Feed Me" 7 inch with a more fleshed out, fully realized version of their sound that is somewhere between the no non-sense sound of their demos, the adventurous mayhem of their 7 inch, and the intensity of their live show.”
-B.C. Rich

BAD-03 Bad Skin "s/t" 7 inch (2012)

Posthumous release finally sees the light of day. If you are unfamiliar with Bad Skin read their "story" here
Sounds like hardcore punk.

 GRAVE054/SJ-01 School Jerks "s/t" 12 inch (split with Grave Mistake) (2012)

"Rawer than Raw Punk. Harder than Hardcore. This is punk for 2012." After three killer 7" EPs, Toronto's SCHOOL JERKS finally deliver their first LP - thirteen songs at 45 RPM. For the unfortunate souls still needing an introduction to the sounds of the SCHOOL JERKS, what you can expect are thirteen blasts of primal hardcore punk, stripped down to the core leaving very little room for misinterpretation. We'll spare you the comparisons, but if you prefer your hardcore restrained in a straightjacket and locked in a rubber room, you need this LP. Includes a Risograph poster, and more artwork by SCHOOL JERKS 'in house artist' Tara Bursey. Split release with the band's new Bad Vibrations record label.  

MA-01 Naughty Girls "Bad Habits" 7 inch (2011)
The first release on Luke "Weiner's" original Bad Vibrations label. Great timeless snotty loose mid tempo punk, reminiscent of Sick Pleasure or Chickenhead... 

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